Peter Who? and Paua - The Perfect Pairing

Updated: May 10, 2021

Sausage maker extraordinaire Don Stevens may have found the perfect match for his creations in our Smoked Beer, Peter Who?

Forget the turkey and champagne, this Christmas saw a unique departure from the classic fare for one foodie. Don Stevens, sausage maker and owner of the blog Don's Sausage Blog rustled up a number of creative culinary delights for his festive dinner table and paired them with one of our most beloved beers, Peter Who?

Named for Peter Snell this beer and it's name are inspired by a commentator at the 1960 Rome Olympics who exclaimed, "Peter Who from New Zealand? This guy won’t make it past the first round." Four days later, the 28th ranked dark horse Peter Who smoked them all. With his dynamic finish, Peter Who won three Olympic gold medals, two Empire Games gold medals and a pile of world records. Made with a blend of roasted malts and American hops, the dark colour and smokiness, we like to think it will attract the same tough kiwis who can handle running 100 miles a week.

This is what Don had to say about it:

I always enjoy smoked food and I accompanied my meal with a smoked beer from SUP Brewery – Peter Who. I enjoyed this beer, I would describe it as stout with a pleasantly pronounced smokiness in the after taste. The website from SUP Brewery say this beer was named after Peter Snell, and will attract rough rugged Kiwis who handle running a 100 miles a week. While I am not quite in this category, the leg continues to improve and I am looking forward to competing in the Jumbo Holdsworth Trail Run in a few weeks.
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